Top 5 Reasons Home Schooling is Better Than Traditional Education

By | May 19, 2023

In just the past decade alone the popularity of home schooling has grown in leaps and bounds and has begun to revolutionize the world of learning and education. As we know, the great importance of a child’s education simply cannot be emphasized enough. But, for many parents, the public school system has not lived up to their expectations leaving them to take matters into their own hands and home school their children.

Here are the five top reasons home schooling is considered by many parents and guardians to be better than traditional education.

5. Home Schooling Offers More Time to Learn

Whether it’s taking attendance, preparing for activities, changing classrooms, passing out supplies, collecting homework, listening to announcements or perhaps the biggest time waster of all, discipline, in a traditional school, the bulk of a child’s day is wasted on things of absolutely no relevance to them. Home schooling, on the other hand, allows for all of the time to be spent on none other than learning.

4. Home Schooling Gives Parents More Control Over Curriculum

In some areas, parents are allowed to create their own curriculum as they see fit while in others a set schedule must be followed. Parents can vary the methods of teaching based on subject, the child’s learning ability, or a combination of both. And, although it is perfectly legal in both the US and the UK, specifications will vary from one state to the next so be sure to learn those before beginning.

3. Home Schooling Creates Time for Bonding

One of the main complaints of parents today is not having enough quality time with their children. With the fast paced lives many of us lead coupled with extracurricular activities and work there’s often little time for parents and kids to actually talk and listen to one another.

Creating a strong bond between parent and child early on lessens the chances of trouble down the road as children are faced with things like peer pressure, changing bodies and hormones, stress at school, and problems with friends, just to name a few.

2. Home Schooling Offers Flexibility

It allows parents to choose the schedules and times for learning, both in terms of hours as well as months. Some parents choose to home school their kids year round while others follow the more traditional schedule of August or September until May or June.

Beyond the aspect of time flexibility, it also allows for adapting the curriculum to each child’s learning style or capabilities. Children are all individuals and should be encouraged to continuing exploring their individuality and uniqueness. One child may learn better through hearing and listening while another might progress better through reading and home schooling allows the parent to tailor the curriculum accordingly to encourage success.

1. Home Schooling Allows for Individualized Attention

Overcrowded classrooms, stressed teachers, and children with discipline problems are all common in schools today. All children can thrive and excel when given individualized attention, something that just isn’t possible in the public school system.

Although home schooling is definitely a personal choice that must be made, the benefits of educating children at home are hard to dispute.