University Devry’s Online Bachelor Degree Programs Review

By | May 21, 2023

University Devry is a brick & mortal university founded on 1931 as a film and radio repair teaching establishment. Today, it has become one of the top ranking and the largest university that run for profit in United States. The degree programs offered by the university cover almost every career fields. In conjunction with the growth of online education, University Devry has followed the technology trend to offer online degree programs for students who prefer to earn their degree through online media. Here we will review the major online bachelor degree programs offered by University Devry.

By understanding the tight working schedule and family commitment for today’s working individuals, University Devry opens most of their class-based degree programs to online students so that they can pursue their degree from anywhere and at anytime that fit the best to their schedule. Most of online bachelor degree programs offered by University Devry are focus on technology-based and career-oriented which will prepare students to earn their related career degree to compete in the constant changing working environment of today’s businesses and industries.

University Devry offers 5 online bachelor degree programs for online students and each bachelor degree programs have various concentrations for students to choose one that best fit their needs. The bachelor online degree programs offers are:

[1] Business Administration Degrees

The online bachelor degrees in business administration have 12 concentrations for you to choose from. These concentrations are: Accounting, Business Information Systems, Finance, Health Services Management, Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Sales & Marketing, Security Management, Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship and Technical Communication. The business administration degrees prepare the students for the required credential to increase their competitive edge in making a success in their career.

[2] Computer Information Systems

University Devry offers career-oriented computer information systems degrees for online students. Among the concentrations that designed specially to help their students meet their career goal are: Business/Management, Computer Forensics, Database Management, Information Systems Security, Systems Analysis and Integration, Web Development and Administration.

[3] Game & Simulation Programming

Gaming and software simulation industries are in the rapid grow trend, the market is in highly demand for graduates in this major. If you choose to pursue online bachelor degree majoring in game & simulation programming, you can even select to master in one of the programming languages such as C++ and C#, artificial intelligence, industry-standard software packages, game engine development, and much more so that you can be expert in an area of your interest.

[4] Network and Communications Management

In today’s modem businesses, nearly every business depends on network. This career fields require experts to effectively manage the network and communication infrastructure. Hence there are huge career opportunities for those who are interested in this career field. University Devry offers the online option on bachelor degree in Network and Communication Management to prepare students with the necessary skills and knowledge to success in this career field.

[5] Technical Management

If you are interested to start your career in the fastest growing field of Criminal Justice and Healthcare Industries, then you might want to consider the online bachelor degree in technical management. The degree has two specializations for your choose from. You can choose to major in either Criminal Justice or Health Information Management depends on your area of interest.


The online bachelor degree programs offered by University Devry which focus on technology-based and career-oriented prepare the online students with the required skills and knowledge for their selected career field.